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Explaining the Latest Trump Scotland Whinge Using 5 Golfing Analogies. Number 4 Very Topical!

Trump International Golf Links, Scotland was never going to be a simple, straight forward ‘3 hour round’ sort of project. History suggests this is not the Trump way however even for Donald this ongoing media fed conflict has been draining. Here is a timeline of events in golf language and how this soap opera will end. Enjoy.

#1 Donald Trump Scores Unimaginable Scottish Albatross
The sand dunes at Menie on Scotland’s Northeast were natures life time lease. Labeled by scientists as ‘Scotland version of the Amazon’ the extensive area of land protected with the highest conservation accolade granted in Scotland (SSSI) was not for change, never mind golf! For everybody but Donald Trump. Against the recommendation of the Scottish Government’s very own environmental body Scottish Natural Heritage Donald Trump was welcomed to Scotland with open arms. The social and economical benefits of the golf course, real estate and hotel complex were perceived justification to overrule any environmental importance to the site. Note here, Trump promises a lot, has no room for scope and backed by Scottish Government.

#2 Two Under After 2
What a great start. The golfers love the course and at only two years old the course is already being hailed a potential great. Golfers are playing the course, enjoying 5 star hospitality and wanting to return. Aberdeen as a golf destination experience an increase in golfing visitors and the locals remain content, proud of the Donald Trump course on their doorstep. Everything is maturing, getting better with age. In the year of Ryder Cup 2014 bookings are strong and the course, a Martin Hawtree design is strongly being tipped as a future championship venue. Perfect time to implement plans for the second course on the site included in the initial planning application.
Note here the limited jobs created, no mention of real estate development and halt on proposed hotel complex due to Wind Farm testing centre off the coast of the resort.

#3 Mulligan, Breakfast Ball
Donald Trump fails in a bid to block a wind farm off the coast of his luxury golf resort. Trump and failure are not conducive so attention is timely deflected to the purchase of Doonbeg Golf Resort, Ireland. No mulligans given here Donald. Let’s get one thing straight. The ‘wind farm’ is a testing centre which has been geographically selected to harness the large amounts of skilled workers currently employed in the energy sector in Aberdeen.Now suddenly Scotland is dead to him, time to reload. But Donald you have a fantastic golf course and ancestry anchoring you to Scotland remember?
Note here Trump’s hypocritical environmental concerns and repeated failure to negotiate with any local or public body.

#4 Shank
We have all been there. No matter how hard you try it gets worse and worse until you reach a realisation. You can not keep on the same path you are on, the result will always be a shank. Mr Trump will appeal the wind farm proposal on environmental grounds among other reasons but he will fail. Why? Due to his complete lack of negotiation throughout.Lets remember he build the fantastic links on just 25% of the estate after requests by various public authorities to alter the design and preserve the dunes. Will a very upset and collaborate Scottish Government and local planning authority allow Trump to ridicule the process all over again? Of course not. Nothing worse than the shanks Donald so go back to your PGA Professional, he might even teach you how to build a hotel.

#5 Texas Scramble
The luxury hotel included in the planning application is not being commissioned by Trump until the wind farm proposal is rejected. Could Donald Trump walk away from the promised hotel and real estate proposals outlined as the social and economical currency for the overall project? Yes, but be rest assured there will be a mad scramble from those in the hospitality industry to fill this enormous demand for luxury leisure accommodation North of the city. Aberdeen now has three world top 100 golf courses within 12 miles, North of Aberdeen. The energy sector is experiencing a new boom as Aberdeen, the Oil Capital of Europe lead the way in groundbreaking technology and exploration. Finally the ever grand Marcliffe Hotel, the most popular option for visiting golfers to the area has decided to sell out to property developers and will be closed for the last time this Autumn. Donald Trump in not building his luxury hotel would be a great shame to his resort course however it would be against the entrepreneur’s business instinct to walk away from such a potentially lucrative project.

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