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Episode 60 – Tom Coyne’s 105 Scottish Links Courses in 57 Days

Host Ru Macdonald is joined on this week’s episode by best selling author Tom Coyne before he begins the writing process for his next book which takes the form in a less than conventional golf trip to Scotland.

A Course Called the Kingdom will tell the story of Coyne’s quest to play 105 UK links in 57 days, from the glamour in competing in a British Open qualifier to the modest journey to the remotest areas of Scotland. The route will have Coyne pass by the well-known haunts of Carnoustie, Turnberry and Kingsbarns while weaving by the mysterious links of Barra, Tain and Buckpool to search out the soul of the game in the places the game began, and find an answer to the eternal question: What is the secret to golf?

The prequel to Tom’s latest voyage and book was A Course Called Ireland, a story of a walking- averse golfer who treks his way around an entire country, spending sixteen weeks playing every seaside hole in Ireland. If this adventure is anything like that we’re sure in for a treat.

We hope to hear from Tom mid-way through his journey so stay tuned. Until then you can follow all Tom’s progress from his blog A Course Called the Kingdom.



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