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Episode 36 – History of Gleneagles and The Ryder Cup

As the world’s biggest golf match gets under way in the hills of Perthshire, Scotland we unearth the humble beginnings of the Ryder Cup and history of Gleneagles with local author Ed Hodge.  The grand size of the event which includes around 500 million watching around the world and 40,000 attending every day returns to Gleneagles Resort on it;s 90th […]

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Episode 35 – 5 Scottish Ryder Cup Questions Answered

How far is Gleneagles from St Andrews? In the region of Perthshire the Ryder Cup venue is in the middle of Scotland with accessibility to all areas of Scotland relatively quickly. You can drive from Gleneagles to St Andrews in about 1 hour with roughly the same commute time to the major cities of Glasgow and […]

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