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Scottish Haar- What is it?

Haar, sea fog is not unusual in Scotland especially during this time of year as the warmer weather begins. Many inbound visitors are intrigued by it as the sense of added atmosphere it creates on the famous links of Scotland but what is it?

As summer arrives in Scotland during July and August temperatures can peak to 80° Celsius. The land heats up quickly while on the east coast (Home to St Andrews, Muirfield, Carnoustie, Royal Dornoch) the North Sea remains cold, very cold. With this considerable gulf in temperatures the famous sea mist can form as high pressure sits over Scotland and failure of a sea breeze can hang around all day. A golf course will only close if the misty haar makes visibility of the group in front difficult whereby health and safety of golfers needs considered.  If this is deemed the case suspension of play will be marked with a klaxon and players will be made to leave the golf course.

Scottish golf will make you misty eyed, sometimes literally .

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