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Podcast Listeners Email After Playing The Old Course, St Andrews

I receive a nice number of emails a week which I love. Not only do you podcast listeners take the time to listen but you feel obliged to then reach out which I think is a pretty powerful relationship. Last week within hours of each other I received these two emails following St Andrews episodes, both of which I felt like sharing.

Sometimes my advice works. Lars shared his recent joy of getting out on the Old Course after listening to Episode 31 – Playing the Old Course as a Single. heading to St Andrews soon? Take note.

“Thank you for a great article and podcast! That helped me to get my first round on the Old Course yesterday! This being the week after The Open, I decided to go early and was at the Pavillion at 2am, after a 2h drive from North Berwick. And there were already 5 people there, the first one having arrived at 10pm! At 4:30, the queue was already 15 people long, with 18 slots open after the ballot. This week was probably more busy than others due to the Open, but it showed that early means really really early. There were many people arriving shortly before 6am who were quite surprised about the length of the queue. There were additional cancellations over the day, so we got out earlier than anticipated (in my case at 9 am) and it was a great experience, a sunny day with a very strong wind! The night was extremely cold, so bring your jackets and/or blankets. The Pavilion does not have outdoor seating. We were lucky that there were still chairs standing around from the Open, but normally it seems you are expected to stand all the time, so maybe bring a fold up chair if you decide to come so early. There is also no outdoor vending machine, so you if you come very early, bring Tee/Coffee to keep you warm until the pavilion opens at 6am. Despite the waiting seeming long, the time passed quite quickly with chatting with other golfers. Again, an overall great experience!”

Secondly Alan Hastie had listened to our recent episode with Graylyn Loomis on all things St Andrews where we discussed among many things that the Old Course was once played in reverse. He shared his experience from back in 2005 playing the Old Course the wrong way round!

Old Course in reverse

Old Course in reverse

“I was just listening to your podcast on St Andrews and I was interested in your conversation about the old course in reverse. I played the reverse course with 3 friends in April 2006, along with the following day the New and the Old course the day after with the normal routing. It was a marvellous experience in both directions but reverse is certain an interesting story to tell. What I can remember most of that day was playing the 1st hole, 1st tee to the 17th green and the amazing angles “strategy” to try and get to that flag. A tee shot down the middle or right made it almost impossible to get on the green. Hitting down the left gave the perfect line to the flag.
I have included the score card from that day.”

My thanks goes to Alan for sharing his experience and giving me the heads up on this in depth discussion on the subject on Golf Club Atlas.


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