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5 Mispronounced Scottish Golf Courses

We’ve all been there while on holiday trying to explain to a local where you’ve been and where you’re off to next. With no intent to insult the thousands of visitors that descend on Scotland’s famous golf courses, we believe your golfing tales need told correctly. So to prevent a game of Chinese Whispers or Telephone manifesting we’ve compiled our top 5 mispronounced golf courses ahead of the 2015 season.

1. North Burwick

North Berwick 1


You’re golfing where tomorrow? To some degree we can forgive this one. Unlike towns of Inverness, Glasgow or Aberdeen the name of Berwick never made it across the Atlantic. Your round at the West Course, North Berwick will undoubtedly be one of your most memorable and enjoyable of your trip.

 2. Elly


Photo Credit – Graylyn Loomis


Not a course that is often muttered by visiting golfers as it still falls into the ‘hidden gem’ category, Elie on the outskirts of St Andrews merits it’s inclusion solely to help us call-out a friend of the podcast Matt Ginella. Yes, even the most experienced of golf travellers and those in the industry can fall foul!

3. Kingsbarn

Kingsbarns Golf Links


Anyone who has been lucky enough to play Kingsbarns Golf Links will soon want to talk about it. For a course of such enjoyment, prestige and condition do you really believe only the one barn on property would suffice? Again not one of the biggest mispronunciations you’ll likely hear around Scotland but still a crime nonetheless.

4. Carnouski

carnoustie 2


Yes we were surprised too. Despite staging 7 Open Championships and the media scrutiny which accompanies the world’s most prestigious tournament, golfers still can’t pronounce Carnoustie. To everyone’s disbelief, like a good Scottish tee shot this one looks set to run and run.

5. Stuart Castle

Castle Stuart Par 3 4th


The Castle Stuart Golf Links is a victim of its own iconic par 3 fourth hole. Sitting ominously in the fore ground Castle Stuart dates back to 1621 and is the main reasons so many incorrectly reference this links course. So next time you excitedly share your upcoming trip to Scotland and a round at Castle Stuart remember, its home to a castle called Castle Stuart.

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