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Dining & Dancing at Forgans St Andrews

On a recent visit to St Andrews podcast co-host and recent St Andrews University graduate Graylyn Loomis and I, accompanied with our girlfriends would spend three hours catching up while dancing and dining at Forgans St Andrews.

forgans welcome

Location – In the heart of  the town of St Andrews

Sandwiched between the two main streets of the town North Street and South Street, Forgans is located in the shopping hub of Market Street. The central location means you can walk to the restaurant from anywhere in town and for those like us staying out of town (Rufflets Hotel Review) it’s only a short taxi ride. Like most things in St Andrews golf history is never far away, even within this new restaurants. A former factory, Forgans  lies on the site of the world’s oldest golf club factory in the heart of the town.  Evidence of the factory named Forgan, known for their production of cleeks (driving iron) dates back as far as the 1860s. In fact during the renovation of the former warehouse to the bar and restaurant a number of old golf clubs were discovered under the floorboards.

Local produce and craft beer

The restaurant offers food lovers a range of options such as risotto and sea bass. with efforts being made to source local produce for their seasonal menus. Accompanying this was a fantastic wine list which the girls enjoyed and good selection of beer, including local craft beer.  It was clear Graylyn had amerced himself in the Scottish food and drink culture during his time in St Andrews as he went for a pint of Best (Scottish beer) and Haggis draped in a whisky sauce for starter. Unfortunately the salmon parcel which my girlfriend had ordered was overcooked and bland. With this visit my third to Forgans it was the first occasion any dish failed to live up to expectations. That said the other dishes were to the satisfaction of our party.

Cost £25 per person (Based on a two course meal & two drinks £25 per person)

Atmospheric Dining

The beauty of dinner in the open plan design is the energy of a busy restaurant. On the night we visited the venue was packed and you could feel the electricity climb the wooden panelled walls with diners laughing and glasses clanging. The young and friendly staff, dressed in traditional attire were attentive and knowledgeable throughout. The four themed bothies offer private dining away from the busy dining room and make a good option for larger golfing parties. The enjoyable quirks of Forgans include the fruit and vegetable market props placed on the street during the day to their feedback wall located next to the restrooms.

As outlined in this video customers write their review and pin it to their respective country.

Dancing & Dining

ceilidh dancing from 10.30pm Friday/Saturday's

ceilidh dancing from 10.30pm Friday/Saturday’s

Restricted to Friday and Saturday nights, come 10pm the tables are cleared and replaced with a live band who do their best to get you dancing off your dinner with an array of Scottish Ceilidh dances. For those not accustomed to Scottish dancing don’t fret, the band are on hand to guide you through the jovial dances. Somewhat suspiciously, Graylyn and his partner Lucy had an early flight to catch and therefore slinked away and avoided any questionable dancing however myself and my girlfriend rediscovered our Scottish dancing steps from our school days (Scottish country dancing is mandatory at comprehensive Scottish schools around Christmas time) and danced late into the night. A spectacle at the very least, I can’t think of much better ways to spend a night while in St Andrews once the sun has set and the golf clubs are locked away until the morning.

In a town full of fabulous restaurants and hotels none can offer the enjoyable self-made entertainment as a Friday night at Forgans. We’ll be back to dance and dine that’s for sure.

For more information on Forgans visit their website.

By Ru Macdonald

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