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Episode 4 – Warming up Ryder Cup Part I

Warming up Ryder Cup,The Public Fire-starter

On the verge of a golfing and sporting spectacle on a scale that Scotland has never had, the Scottish Golf Podcast looks ahead to the return to Gleneagles over 90 years after the unofficial first Ryder Cup as it is known today and home to the forthcoming 2014 Ryder Cup.

Afar cry to the modern alternative awash with corporate importance linked to a global daily viewer-ship of 500 million The Ryder Cup is undoubtedly of great benefit to golf. The entertaining format and atmospheric crowds allow the sport to be seen by many in a sexier format, growing the game’s appeal. Ryder Cup 2014 is all about competition and in a deeper way it is that. The stage is set and its Scotland’s time to shine. Hopefully propelling Scotland, The Home of Golf to establish itself once again at the top of a visiting golfers itinerary planner.

How exactly does Scotland benefit from this long term, after the patrons depart Perthshire next autumn?

Episode 4 looks into the staging and implementation of the second biggest sporting event in the world. Alan Grant, Visit Scotland Golf Marketing Manager reveals the work that goes into ensuring that the visitor attending the Ryder Cup 2014 at Gleneagles is left wanting to return to Scotland. Ensuring the local man,women and child have a legacy post 2014. Then finally, the longevity of Scottish golf tourism post Ryder Cup. A very topical subject that our Celtic neighbours can fully appreciate in hindsight. Wales and Ireland both suffered huge slumps in golf tourism after their respective hosting of Ryder Cup due to a lack of governance within their golf tourism industries predominantly due to the pandemic of price increases.

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Alan and everyone at Visit Scotland continue to work tirelessly and have been for many years now to ensure Scotland does shine next year. Backed by a very supportive Scottish Government and collaboration from private organisations within the Scottish tourism sector it must be noted.

As the Scottish Golf Podcast warm up for Ryder Cup one thing is for sure. The frost covered hill and glens of Perthshire are bitterly cold in these winter months but rest assured the heat is firmly on to ensure we in Scotland deliver.


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