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Episode 35 – 5 Scottish Ryder Cup Questions Answered

How far is Gleneagles from St Andrews?

In the region of Perthshire the Ryder Cup venue is in the middle of Scotland with accessibility to all areas of Scotland relatively quickly. You can drive from Gleneagles to St Andrews in about 1 hour with roughly the same commute time to the major cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Incidentally location of Gleneagles is on the edge of the Scottish highlands

Glenagles, Scotland

Glenagles, Scotland

Is Scotland suitable for non golfers?

The main thing that will strike you while watching the Ryder Cup is how beautiful Scotland is therefore we expect a lot of interest in Scotland from non-golfers, perhaps partners of golfers who have been inspired to visit Scotland. Scotland’s history extends much later than the first ever reference to golf in 1552 with a host of castles and cultural sites, modern urban areas in cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh and of course the great outdoors for those adventure seekers. The search for family history has increased in recent years and you can find a Perthshire based business  Old Scottish who can find your family roots within an hour of you answering a few questions.

How do I book a golf trip to Scotland?

We recommend the adoption of a golf tour company for your golf trip. Their services allow the ability to access some limited course tee-times and take away all logistical headaches leaving you to enjoy a relaxed golf vacation. Our recommended travel suppliers with operations here in Scotland are Adventures In Golf, Haversham & Baker, Links Golf and Perry Golf.

How developed is Scotland’s infrastructure?

Scotland has a range of excellent transport infrastructure in place allowing visitors to travel to and from urban cities while offering a more remote and tranquil settings in the remote Scottish Highlands.

Does Scotland have other great parkland golf courses?

 The PGA Centenury Course at Gleneagles will showcase an alternative golf course design to golf fans who often associate Scottish golf with links golf courses at seaside locations. in fact Scotland has world class parkland golf courses crafted by some of the world’s most famous golf architects. Some of our favourites include the Kings and Queens courses also at Gleneagles both of which are James Braid designed layouts. Blairgowrie Golf Club also in Perth offers two championship golf courses one of which is the Rosemount, host of the 2014 Junior Ryder Cup. For something close to St Andrews try The Dukes Course overlooking the ‘auld grey town’. For more golf architecture further north pay Boat of Garten or Duff House Royal a visit designed by James Braid and Alister Mackenzie respectively.

Co host Graylyn Loomis’ website has many of these golf courses listed under his Scottish golf course reviews, definitely worth checking out.



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