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Episode 34 – Why you Must Consider Shipping your Golf Clubs to Scotland

You touch down in Scotland at The Home of Golf ready for a week of golf on the world’s most famous golf courses after months of anticipation to find, you are without your golf clubs. It is a scenario we frequently come across on the Scottish Golf Podcast so on this week’s episode we provide a solution to lost golf clubs and airport woes as we talk with Aaron Kirley, co founder of the leading provider in doorstep to destination luggage delivery service, Luggage Forward.

Playing with your own golf clubs has a huge impact on enjoyability of your round and is often overlooked. As airlines become more demanding on turnaround times the travelling golfer will continue to get a rough deal. When your golf bag fails to come off the airport carousel  a normal wait is up to 48 hours with the airline very reluctant to pay your expenses on club hire and golf bag accessories. By the time you are reunited with your golf bag you have likely missed playing on two Scottish golf courses with your own clubs. Further details to airline procedures were outlined in a recent article on Golf Advisor by Jason Scott Deegan which you can read here.

So how likely are you to lose your golf clubs coming to Scotland?

The problems start to arise during transfers between flights en route to your golfing destination. Direct Scottish travel routes are restricted from North America (Philadelphia, Chicago, Newark, Toronto, Calgary) resulting in a large percentage of golfers visiting Scotland depending on flight transfers. Hot spots for lost luggage unsurprisingly congregate around major airport hubs such as London so best to try and avoid these when possible. Outlined in the podcast there were over 22 million mishandled bags in 2013, This broken down equates to 81% delayed,  16% damaged and 3% never found.

The St Andrews Links stock pile rental sets. I wonder why?

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How affordable can it be shipping my golf clubs?

Price points vary depending on destination and pick up time prior to departure. Below we break down costs based on one way travel to try limit the cost as obviosuly the first leg of the trip into Scotland with the golf clubs is much more important than the departure leg of the commute. This price is easily justified based on the ease of travel and the reassurance of knowing your golf clubs will be waiting for you in Scotland. Align that with no airport luggage charges and waiting in queues the below is well worth paying.

$219 one-way with 7 day pick up service
$250 one way with 5 day pick up service
$150 one way in European 
From $89 within the US

Luggage Forward also offer a unique promise to customers of an on time guaranteed upon delivery. If for some reason they fail to deliver not only will they up front refund you your costs but provide you up to $500. So no insurance claims, long phone calls or collecting receipts to present to the airline. Luggage Forward almost always delivers so are confident in delivering on their word.

To conclude, consider this service. You will only understand the impact of losing your golf clubs when it happens, and it happens a lot. Not only do you miss your golf clubs but you miss the trivial accessories which you carry within your bag. Your favourite ball marker or pitch mark repairer, to your wind or rain gear. It all goes into your playing style. For the cost of a one way fee, safe guard yourself against wrecking your golf trip to Scotland.

After all what is $219 of a trip worth $2000 in the grand scheme of things.

If you have found this episode useful take advantage of our Luggage Forward affiliate here.


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