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Episode 16 – Best Spring Break Ever

A group of nearly 30 students from Penn State University, USA  recently returned from the Home of Golf for a weeks golfing during their spring break. Before they returned home to Pennsylvanian some of the students and course leader Eric joined us on the Scottish Golf Podcast to share their favorite Scottish golf experiences.

What was evident from the start was that Penn State University ensured each student was given the opportunity to play golf as expected but also understand the golfing culture which surrounds some of the world’s most celebrated golf courses. The public accessibility, with members of the public walking across many of the courses was of a surprise to many of the students. This whole experience will ensure each and every student can now return home to the US with a very different perspective on golf and the humble origins. With each student having aspirations to pursue a career in the golf sector, a small part of the golf industry’s future is now in love with Scotland and importantly understands that golf is for anyone. .

Beautifully put by one of the students, what are you waiting for?



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