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Episode 15 – Scotland Golf Travel by Bus

Gordon Donaldson, owner of St Andrews Executive Travel joins the host Ru Macdonald to answer all questions for bus travel in Scotland and reveals that this transport option is actually a lot more affordable than perceived.

An often overlooked aspect of a Scottish golf trip episode 15 focuses on transportation throughout your trip and the importance in selecting the correct method for your budget and group. One of the most popular options selected by golfers here in Scotland is by bus and offers various benefits including a very well trained driver which is part of Gordon’s regime for his 30 or so drivers. As part of a £550,000 investment this winter St Andrews Executive Travel will, with their new fleet of bespoke vehicles inclusive of fittings such as cool boxes for some of Scotland’s most refreshing beverages, wifi enabled throughout each and every coach, power points at each seat, card tables and what feels like more leg room than a Dustin Johnston drive.


As the episode outlines the cost per golfer can often be as economical as a rental vehicle. Even if you are paying that little bit more wouldn’t you rather prefer friendships to be grown rather than arguments over driving directions? Wouldn’t you prefer local knowledge instead of a missed tee-time? Wouldn’t you prefer a better golf travel experience? That is why I genuinely advise the adoption of bus travel while in Scotland. The very fact that all the worries of the trip can be left on the golf course after a round must be evidence enough. Anyway Scotland is far too picturesque to be staring at a busy road map or fighting with a malfunctioning GPS.

Next time you travel to Scotland consider the option of bus travel and the opportunity to sit back, relax and take in Scotland as it’s very best.

Recounter is where we ask a guest or fan of the podcast to share some useful hints and tips from their Scottish golf travel experiences.

Recounter with Gordon Donaldson (St Andrews Executive Travel)

Favourite Course & Accommodation – Turnberry Ailsa & Resort

Favourite Shot – #17 Tee Shot Old Course St Andrews

Equipment Option – Woolly Hat

Scottish Golf Misconception – .Lots of rain, not true!

Parting bit of Advice – Play a lesser known course on your will love it.


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