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Episode 108 – Should I Use A Golf Tour Operator?

We’re back! Host Ru is joined by Dave Harris of Scottish based golf tour operator Bonnie Wee Golf to discuss the benefits of adopting the services of a golf tour operator.

A good golf tour operator takes care of it all, from the tee and lodging bookings to dinner reservations, transfers and off course activities. The whole process takes the strain off planning and peace of mind knowing that should anything go wrong, someone is on hand to pick up the pieces.

On this episode, we discuss these four popular scenarios where booking through a golf tour operator makes a ton of sense.

1. First Time Visit

When making your first pilgrimage to Scotland it can all be a little daunting. Finding the lay of the land, playing your buck-list courses and enjoying the first trip are all reasons why golf tour operators on your first visit can be a smart move.

2.Large Group/Tournament

As Dave suggests travelling in groups of 4 or 8 are perfect but any more than that can prove difficult when trying to secure tee times and lodging. Many of the leading golf tour operators also host annual tournaments making you feel like an Open Champion for a week.

3.Travelling With Non-Golfers

Due to the diversity of outdoor activities and history, more non-golfers are accompanying golfers to Scotland. Golf tour operators are perfectly placed to offer non-golf excursions throughout the country whether it be a day visit to Edinburgh or a road trip to the Isle of Skye.

4.You’re A High-Flyer

Time is money. For many visiting golfers the ease of having someone else take care of all aspects of a trip offers convenience, especially when vacation time is at a premium as is the way in the United States. For the super-wealthy, Heli-Tours offer a quick and spectacular way to get from course to course in a private helicopter.

For more information on Scottish based golf tour operator, Bonnie Wee Golf visit their website or email them at

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