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Embrace Playing Golf in Bad Scottish Weather

When golfing in Scotland anytime of year you should prepare for inclement weather both physically in your equipment choices but mentally in embracing the Scottish weather what ever direction it may arrive in. And trust me it can arrive in every direction any day.

Firstly accepr that bad weather is part of the golf experience here in Scotland. In the same way you receive an unfortunate sideways bounce from the middle of the fairway or visit the pot fairway bunker which stops you driving a short par 4 green. You are visiting a country where the golf courses have been maintained naturally with the climate at low maintenance cost. The greens are cut higher to protect against high winds, the colour of the fairways are sandy and short as the golf courses are authentic and unique.

Of course everyone wants to play under blue skies when in Scotland and during the peak summer visiting season you will. I like to remind people that Scotland’s bad golfing weather is a misconception. For every one day of inclement weather you will have 3 fair days. It is about managing expectations and being realistic. Afterall the greats of the game have battled the conditions the same way you will when you come to play the best golf courses in the world.

So as the rain batters your Scottish hotel room window and the wind howls be excited at the challenge that awaits you. If you fail to do so, you will be wet, cold and miserable and searching ‘Golf holidays in Hawaii’ on Google after your round and that would be transitivity. After all you are likely to have 500+ courses in Scotland yet to visit.

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