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Episode 85 – A Season In Dornoch With Lorne Rubenstein

As Dornoch marks the anniversary of 400 years of golf in the town this season who better to have on the podcast than the author of ‘A Season In Dornoch’ Lorne Rubenstein. Graylyn Loomis Royal Dornoch golf course review. Lorne Rubenstein decided to spend a summer in Dornoch to clear the muddle from his golfing mind […]

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Coore & Crenshaw To Build Kesier’s Course In Dornoch, Scotland

Serendipity is a wonderful thing. As I walked Coul Links for the first time yesterday, a week on from exclusively revealing it as the site earmarked for Mike Keiser’s first development in Scotland, who should I bump into but the man himself Mike Keiser and investor and right-hand man to this project Todd Warnock. With the site […]

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