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First 3 Steps for Booking your Scotland Golf Trip

Confirm Group Size

It can be the most difficult task in the initial booking process and requires an individual to take charge in confirming group size. Typically many will commit verbally but take deposits and ensure you have a rigid number early on. While this may appear to be hurried you will benefit from being able to fast track bookings. Party sizes of 4 and 8 are most favourable for booking tee times and keeping the cost of travel and accommodation down. Get past this stage and the trash talk and excitement can begin.


AgreeĀ on your Budget

Now you know your travelling party but more importantly you can gauge the budget of your future trip. While discussing your golfing preferences state your collective desires. You may have an individual who seeks a different style of trip but lead with the majority because experience tells us that failure to do so will lead to tensions down the line.

Identify Trip Type

While identifying the budget you will also be gauging the trip style with your party. The term style refers to the trip intensity (number of courses played and miles covered) which is usually higher with younger travelling parties. Will this be a buddies, 36 holes a day trip or a more gentle cultured visit? Are there differing group ideals and should some flexibility be added into the itinerary?

Iron all of this out before the initial booking process which will make the booking of a golf trip much more efficient, giving you more time to hone your game on the golf course.

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  1. Malcolm McNeill May 3, 2015 on 8:44 pm

    Good sound advice – thanks.

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