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Best Golf Snapchat Accounts To Follow

If like the majority of golf media you were introduced to the growing phenomenon that is Snapchat this week after the entertaining exploits of Rickie Fowler, Jordon Spieth, Smylie Kaufman and Justin Thomas while on vacation at Baker’s Bay Golf & Resort you’re not alone.

Snapchat’s time-bound content makes the platform extremely immersive and addictive and is already used by 100 million daily users which in turn creates 8 billion video views a day. I predict this will be one of only a few platforms that will be in the hands of us all in the coming 24 months so when you eventually do join these are the early golf Snapchat adopters you ought to follow!

Golfers on Snapchat

Golfers on Snapchat

Best Golfer On Snapchat – Rickie Fowler (@RickieFowler15)

With a huge youthful fan base not only was Rickie Fowler the first golfer to really adopt Snapchat around 6 months ago he remains the best. Being one of the world’s top players Fowler takes us all inside the ropes, backstage and flying private as he very openly shares his life on and off the course.

Rickie Fowler is one of a select few ‘verified users’ on Snapchat recognised by a ‘golf emoji to the right of his name.

Best Rookie Golfer On Snapchat – Justin Thomas (@jlthomas34)

Quite new to Snapchat Justin Thomas is another young PGA Tour star sharing his day to day life on Snapchat. Unlike Fowler Thomas shares his pre and post round thoughts more freely while poking fun at himself after a bad round which in itself is very refreshing.

Best Golf Entity On Snapchat – PGA Tour (PGAtoursnaps)

This single Snapchat account has changed the way we witness live golf tournaments perfectly illustrating the power and influence of the platform. Their weekly content around a PGA Tour event typically starts with a hole by hole tour of the course on the Tuesday/Wednesday before getting inside the ropes and at green side as the tournament unfolds.

Best Golf Resort On Snapchat – Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (bandondunesgolf)

Unsurprising to see Bandon Dunes continue their strong social media content by being the first major golf resort/course to join Snapchat. It will be interesting to see how they go about showcasing the golfer’s experience but sunrise/sunset pictures will do for now!

Best Golf Personality On Snapchat (USA) – Bryan Bros (BryanBrosGolf)

Competing on the tour and working on carving out a career in the professional game the Bryan Bros have an ever growing social media following. Their content on Snapchat makes clever use of the creative aspect of the platform with their numerous ‘shot tracers’ throughout their rounds.

Best Golf Personality On Snapchat (UK) – Me and My Golf (meandmygolf)

Also of internet fame Piers & Andy’s characters really come through showing a true love of their craft. Now being paid to play some of the best courses in the world the guys will no doubt continue to be the envy of us all.

Best Golf Manufacturer On Snapchat – Callaway Golf (CallawaySnaps)

The digital content shared by Callaway over the last year to 18 months has been revolutionary and it continues on their Snapchat account with their players sharing their thoughts. Their ‘social guy’ Chad Coleman’s confident but likeable character helps bring a human side to the company in an entertaining manner.

Best Golf Media On Snapchat – Golf Digest (GolfDigestMag)

Ashley Mayo supported by Cory Bradburn share daily takes from inside Golf Digest’s plush New York office overlooking the city. Content includes attending PGA Tour events, photo shoots and even a putting competition with Jordan Spieth.

Scottish Golf Podcast (Scottishgolf)

Scottish Golf Podcast's Snapchat

Scottish Golf Podcast’s Snapchat


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