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5 Brilliant Moments of 2014

As the world looks ahead to 2014 we in Scottish tourism have a lot to look forward. Scotland’s future is unclear with the September independence referendum looming but what is for certain is that many thousands of visitors will leave Scotland, packed full of memorable experiences desperate to return. Below are our 5 reasons why.  
5. Lonely Planet Travel Destination 2014

Each year Lonely Planet compile a list of destinations they feel have appeal for travellers around the world. To have such excitement is great and this is being replicated across the travel industry. To try understand the reasoning behind Scotland’s sudden rise in popularity is hard however it may be as simple as more people are willing to travel.  Not to be overlooked however is the change in Scotland’s brand. The ability to adapt to the consumers demands while forming formidable partnerships with huge organisations such as Pixar for the movie Brave. Long may this continue.

4. Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Off the back of arguably the best Olympic Games for Glasgow and Scotland to host the Commonwealth Games that will undoubted attract much attention our way. The creation, transformation and building of 14 world class venues for Scotland will leave a legacy for the country while once again showcasing Scotland in all it’s glory. The 2014 Commonwealth Games also features events from around Scotland including all the shooting events taking place in Carnoustie! Note though that the famous Carnoustie Golf Hotel will be unavailable during these weeks as it will be home to athletes so please bare this in mind when booking.

3. Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open

Ask some of the best golfers in the world to play a golf tournament the week before the British Open in a tunnel of humongous sand dunes, which sit on the edge of the North-sea along the golden coastline of Aberdeen. Then through fantastic sponsorship of the event have these pictures beamed to millions of homes in the United States. A Scottish golf tourism dream.


The financial support that Aberdeen Asset Management has provided the Scottish Open, previously at Castle Stuart and now at Royal Aberdeen has brokered a deal with one of the United States’ biggest television networks NBC to showcase live golf across their network. The historic aspect of Royal Aberdeen, (sixth oldest club in the world) is another reason why the Scottish Golf Podcast is immensely excited. for the week July 7th, 2014.

2. Homecoming 2014

Almost as an accumulation of all of my top 5, Homecoming 2014 celebrates all that is happening in Scotland. This marketing initiative from Visit Scotland, Scotland’s public body encapsulates the amazing options open to anybody wishing to travel to Scotland.Below sourced from Visit Scotland’s website explains homecoming 2014:

‘In 2014 Scotland welcomes the world to join in the exciting Year of Homecoming. In addition to the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup, there’s our year-long programme of events and activities to showcase all that’s great about Scotland; mouth-watering food & drink events, lots to get you active in our great outdoors plus spectacular arts, cultural and ancestral heritage to explore. Whenever you come and wherever you visit, you’ll be very welcome so join us and be part of Homecoming Scotland 2014!’ 

1. Ryder Cup 2014

Scotland hosts an event with the proclaimed third biggest television audience of over 500 million viewers a day at Gleneagles this September. This sort of media coverage has viewers fixated on Scotland in over 183 different countries and it will generate over 200,000 Scotland for the event alone.


Spectacular iconic Scotland countryside with the rolling Perthshire hills may not scream Scottish golf to the golf fanatic but it may well catch the eye of his or her partner who are seeing Scotland as a desirable destination for the very first time.  We at the Scottish Golf Podcast will endeavour to build up and share the many brilliant moments that 2014 will throw up in the next 12 months so get involved.



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