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18 Things You Didn’t Know About Gullane

With the Aberdeen Asset Scottish Open bursting onto the television screens around Europe and North America this week we thought it only right to share the intricacies of the town.

1. No Practise Swings

Visibly throughout the course albeit not enforced, golfers are asked not to practise swing on tee boxes.

2. Home to 3 Courses

Gullane Golf Club has 3 courses. No.1 (1884) requires golfers to play to red flags, No.2  which was deigned by Willie Park Jr in 1898 and plays to white flags and the No.3 (1910) recognisable by it’s yellow flags.

3. Birthplace of Golf

Golf has been played in the region of East Lothian since 1672 with the first documentary evidence being at Musselburgh Links’ Old Course.

4. 22 Nearby Courses

They call the East Lothian region which Gullane lies in the centre of as Scotland’s golf coast, a 30 mile stretch home to a staggering 22 courses, 18 of which are links.

5. John Ashworth’s Gullane Exile

After selling off his stake in Ashworth Clothing, the world’s leading golf apparel brand which he formed, entrepreneur John Ashworth  left California and rented a flat in Gullane for 12 months. Listen back here Episode 55.

6. Composite Course

The Championship is made up of holes from Courses No.1 and 2.

7. Robert Louis Stevenson

The small island off the coast of Gullane links is Fidra said to be the inspiration of Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island.

8. 123 Bunkers

The course this week is made up of 123 bunkers and as the players have commented are ‘proper hazards’.

9. 20th Best in Scotland

Gullane No.1 Course is ranked Scotland’s 20th best golf course according to Top 100 Golf Courses, the latest example of Scotland’s embarrassment of golf riches.

Gullane in the heart of Scotland's Golf Coast East Lothian

Gullane in the heart of Scotland’s Golf Coast East Lothian

10. Slower Greens

While measuring 10.3 on the stimp and somewhat slower than the tour’s average, Gullane’s greens have had rave-reviews from the players.

11. 5th Most Picturesque Courses in the World

Ranking 5th behind Augusta National and Pebble Beach the PGA of America the panoramic views offered at Gullane are some of the best in the world.

12. Course borders SSSI

Some of the Gullane Golf Club property falls into the Site of Scientific Special Interest at Aberlady Bay, home to a number of rare plant species.

13. Oldest Children Course in the World?

Opened in 1910 the Children’s Course in the town centre may be the oldest children’s course in the world. With only 6 holes, kids can play for free 7 days a week,  365 days a year and fall in love with the game.

14. Scorecard

The course measures 7133 from the Championship tees and plays to a Par 70.

15. 12th Century Church

The ruins of the Old Church of St. Andrew built in the 12th century can still be seen at the western entrance to the village. The original 9th century church was abandoned after a series of sandstorms made it unusable,

16. 1 in 3 Locals Are Members

With the population of Gullane only 3,783 the club proudly boasts a strong membership of 1400.

17. Home to Muirfield’s Pro Shop

With no Pro Shop at Muirfield visitors have to stop by Gullane Pro Shop for their Muirfield apparel or logo ball.

18. Public Course

A strong membership is coupled with good visitor play with the midweek rates as follows; Midweek rates – £98 for No. 1, £49 for No. 1 and £33 for No. 3

Listen back to our episode on a visit to  Gullane Golf Club here.


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